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“Eleanor is a thoughtful, gracious, inclusive alderman who enjoys the job and works hard at it. She is a local and national leader on Climate Change. We are lucky to have her representing the 7th ward.”

Elizabeth Tisdahl
7th Ward Alderman, 2003–2009
Mayor of Evanston 2009–2017

“I am grateful to Eleanor for her innovative leadership, her commitment to good government, and her steadfast support for the city’s equity initiatives.”

Jane Grover
7th Ward Alderman, 2009–2016
Chair, Evanston Equity and Empowerment Commission

Joshua Aldort

Dexter Bailey

Peggy Baxter

Svetlana Bekman

Susan Besson

Al and Marti Ross Bjornson

Marilee Bowles-Carey

Kathy Tate-Bradish and Bob Bradish

Gloria Callaci

Marilee Bowles-Carey and Chris Carey

Sue Carlson

Dana and Scott Caspall

Tracy & Michael Cassidy

Kelsey Davies

Michael W. and Barbara V. Davis

Tim Davitt

Denise D

Laura and Cliff Deremo

C. DiBartolo and K. Mundy

Daniel Diem

Joan and Jim Ducayet

Steven Duke

Tom Eovaldi

Kaitlin Fahey

Joel Freeman

Joyce R. Gettleman

Anita Gewurz

Raju and Jennifer Ghate

Jill Greer

Jane Grover, Bill Blanchard, Dylan Blanchard, Joe Blanchard, and Sky Ford

Jenny Hager and Thomas Witt

Lisa Altenbernd and Steve Hagerty

Brett Hallongren

Jerry Herst and Julie Dorfman

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Dorothy and Vittorio Laudati

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Mike O'Connor


Claire McCarthy Peterson and Craig Peterson

Tom Pool


William Revelle

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Tim Sonder

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Elizabeth Tisdahl

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